More time to focus on your people, not benefits administration.

Benefits Management Integrated with Payroll

Selecting a benefits plan, managing enrollment and payroll deductions, communicating updates, making payments and ACA compliance are all parts of the growing complexity of benefits administration. At National Payroll, we offer solutions to help you streamline the process.

The Right Coverage

Taking care of and retaining your best employees is a byproduct of engaging the right partners for your benefits offerings. However, for most employers finding the best rates and options for medical, dental, disability, vision and life insurance coverage for their employees is a consuming and recurring challenge. Sorting out contracts, coverage options and paperwork can be time consuming and costly to those involved.


If you need assistance finding a reputable insurance agency you can rely on, we can help. Or, we can work with an existing agency to help with tasks such as handling your benefits setup, deductions and payments.

The Right Coverage
We’ll simplify benefits administration:

We’ll simplify benefits administration:

Set up and manage deductions in payroll

Calculate and process deductions each pay period

Manage benefits carrier payments

Manage retirement plan payments

ACA reporting compliance

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