Time and Attendance

Make the most of your most important investment... your workforce.

Your Workforce Management Suite

Timekeeping, scheduling and mobile time management.

Everything you need to conveniently manage your workforce and reduce your cost of labor! Know what you’re spending on labor, and where. Simplify your wage and hour compliance. Save hours across the organization with mobile and streamlined time management.

Your Workforce Management Suite

Time & Attendance

Simplify employee time management, overtime, time off tracking while saving countless admin hours. It's time to move away from pen and paper time and attendance systems.

Employee Scheduling

Save time creating, adjusting, and managing schedules. Put the right in employees in the right place... at the right time.

Start saving on your largest investment… your workforce.

Between wages, overtime, administration and benefits, you make a tremendous investment in your people. Timekeeping is your best tool to control and minimize the expense of labor and time-related administration.

Minimize payroll errors

Prevent costly ``buddy punching``

Reduce the time it takes to process payroll

Minimize late arrivals, early departures and extended meal periods

Minimize overtime and over/under scheduling

Start saving on your largest investment… your workforce.

Ask about our free live demo or call us to find out how much you can save with automated time keeping.You may also receive Free Payroll Processing and Free use of a Time Clock specific to your Industry for 30-Days, that you may Freely Evaluate Our Services.

Easily create and manage schedules.

Simplify your employee scheduling routine! With flexible shift definitions, schedule templates, multi-department and multi-location capability, unlimited shifts, rotating patterns and more. It’s everything you need for convenient employee scheduling, from 10 to hundreds of employees.

Numerous time clock options

Whether you’re in search of simple mobile and web-based time management or a traditional time clock, including biometric, PIN, proximity badge, swipe cards, telephone-based and more… we have a solution.

Key features include…

Employee Self Service

Simplify time off requests

Holiday pay

Mobile app / GPS tracking

Job costing

Automate overtime pay

Accrual tracking

Labor distribution

Online time card management

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