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In todays’ competitive market place, you need the right mix of options. In fact, we know how challenging it can be to come up with an annual 25% down-payment for Workers’ Compensation, so we are pleased to also offer a “Pay-as-You-Go” option integrated with payroll, so that you may stabilize your budget and keep the capital you need to operate your business.

The right coverage.
The most competitive prices.

As with all of our services, we will either manage your existing policy – interfacing with your current agent, your accountant or CPA – or we will deliver the most competitive quote we can find, looking to only the strongest, most reputable national carriers, as well as the Workers’ Compensation fund of Utah.


So if you need a new Workers’ Compensation policy, or are simply looking for better options, we will help you get the coverage you need, at the most competitive prices.

The right coverage. The most competitive prices.
You can count on us to…

You can count on us to…

  • Pay the premium when due
  • Facilitate annual renewals
  • Respond to Certificate Requests
  • Supervise audits
  • Coordinate with auditors
  • Generate required reports

Experience Pay-as-you-go Workers’ Comp.

With Pay-as-you-go Workers’ Compensation, employers find a simple time and money-savings solution that is integrated with payroll. This approach provides tremendous enhancements to the Workers’ Compensation process, from less administration and auditing to significantly improved capital management. Benefits include:

No large down payment

Pay conveniently, electronically with each payroll

Premiums calculated on actual payroll

Minimal auditing and adjustments

Competitive rates

Diverse range of industries covered

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